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Coming Out Stories will take you to one the most important moments in many people’s lives. It will perch you on sofas in suburban sitting rooms, stand you in front of officials’ desks, put you at the centre of a crowd in a noisy classroom, everywhere where these conversations have happened.

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15th May 2024  //  From Silence to Advocacy A Trans Story of Resilience and Change

Ben Green grew up trans in a small Connecticut town.

Now an activist and author of "My Child is Trans: Now What?" Ben reflects on just how different his childhood was to his sister's as he tried to navigate the complexities of gender identity without any trans role models.
This story explores the profound impact that representation—or the lack thereof—can have on a young person's journey to self-discovery and authenticity.

From the supportive embrace for his bisexuality, partly due to shows like "Modern Family," to the more challenging acceptance of his trans identity, Ben casts a light on the ever-present need for mainstream representation for all of the LGBTQ+ community.

We round off our time with Ben by discussing his evolution from teaching to public speaking, ignited by a TEDx talk's viral success and his drive to connect with a wider swathe of allies through storytelling. His book serves as a beacon of hope, offering parents of trans children a joy-centered guide in a landscape often clouded by negativity. The conversation also celebrates recent positive strides in LGBTQ legislation, emphasizing the power of local advocacy in effecting change. 

Presented by Emma Goswell

Produced by Sam Walker

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