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Coming Out Stories will take you to one the most important moments in many people’s lives. It will perch you on sofas in suburban sitting rooms, stand you in front of officials’ desks, put you at the centre of a crowd in a noisy classroom, everywhere where these conversations have happened.

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19th May 2023  //  Valentino: My family simply didn't know how to raise a gay child

Valentino: My family simply didn't know how to raise a gay child

Valentino grew up as a gay man and now identifies as being gender fluid, and whilst they are currently living in Manchester, England they were born and raised in Bermuda.

They have quite the life story and this episode only really begins to scratch the surface.

Please be aware:  This story contains descriptions of sexual activity and is centered around the subject of being groomed. You may find some of the content uncomfortable or triggering.

For more onformation about Valentino's work, visit djvalentinocartier.com

And for more information on Bermuda Pride, visit their website. 

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