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Coming Out Stories will take you to one the most important moments in many people’s lives. It will perch you on sofas in suburban sitting rooms, stand you in front of officials’ desks, put you at the centre of a crowd in a noisy classroom, everywhere where these conversations have happened.

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3rd April 2024  //  Fostering Belonging: Anna DeShawn’s Journey Through Queer Identity and Media

Imagine the courage it takes to forge a path as a black queer woman in a world where your identity intersects with a rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and belief systems. This is the life of Anna DeShawn, a social entrepreneur from Chicago. who came out in a religious household and went on to create spaces where queer voices can echo and resonate.

In an intimate exchange, Anna and Emma navigate the  complexities of family acceptance in the black community, revealing both the struggles and the victories and the evolution of her identity through terms like 'queer', 'gay', and 'lesbian'.
We learn about Anna's father's journey from disbelief, to becoming a beacon of support,  demonstrating how love can transcend even the most rigid of barriers.

Anna also educated us on the queer media landscape, where she is carving out her legacy. She unveils the motivations behind E3 Radio and the Qube app, platforms that amplify marginalized voices and create a symphony of black and brown queer narratives. Her ambition mirrors that of icons like Robin Roberts, who have laid the groundwork for visibility and representation.
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