Published in January 2021, Coming Out Stories is now available in print form! Esteemed TV Writer and Producer Russell T Davies said of the book:

This is written with so much heart. It’s full of love and hope and liberation. Even the tougher stories are told with strength and the potential for change. From Stonewall, to Jamaica to Canal Street, the writers speak with such honesty and insight, it’s thrilling. And they’re hilarious too! This book is so vital, it’ll be a talisman for so many, a beacon, a path out of the shadows. It should be in every school and home, to reach out to those in need, or those remembering their own journey. It made me cry, it made me hoot, it made me rage and it made me think. I think, really, I learnt from this. The book contains so many voices from the next wave of queer identity, it taught me better ways to talk and react and help. That’s wonderful!

Coming Out Stories:
Personal Experiences of Coming Out
from Across the LGBTQ+ Spectrum
is available from all good book shops including: